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It may be danced, it may be admired and it may be celebrated when "The Ridin' Dudes" with their original vintage sound & look on stage and kidnap us in another time!

The Ridin 'Dudes stand for lived Rockabilly Lifestlye, authentic look on stage, sympathetic interaction with the audience and humorous moderation that can win every audience after the first few bars for themselves.

Thrilling rock 'roll and blues from the roarin' 50ies to the rockin '70ies, fantastic solo voices that revive legends, impressive three-part choirs and a varied, excellent program, are responsible for the resounding success of the sympathetic musicians.​

Above all, they are dedicated to the three giants of Rock'n Roll: Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Johnny Cash, and they offer us a journey through time in this genre, which is second to none. 


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9,90 € each TRD car mount
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3,50 € per unit for buying at least 2 Kühlschrankmagnet
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18,00 € per unit for buying at least 6 TRD Saitenspiel
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10,95 € each TRD Metall Tasse
9,90 € each Dudes sunglasses


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