The Dudebox Sessions - live at Hirschbach

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1. Black Betty
2. Be bop a Lula
3. Rockin' Robin / Hound Dog
4. Ginny come lately
5. Tutti Frutti
6. That's alright Mama
7. The Wanderer
8. Whole lotta shakin'
9. Memphis Tennessee
10. Johnny B. Goode
11. Burnin' love
12. Suspicious minds
THE RIDIN DUDES - Thrilling rock'roll and blues from the roarin' 50ies to the rockin' 70ies, fantastic solo voices that bring legends back to life, impressive three-part choirs and a varied, excellent program are responsible for the resounding success of the likeable Musician.
Above all, they have dedicated themselves to the three giants of rock 'n' roll: Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Johnny Cash and offer us a journey through time through this genre that is second to none.

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