Ollas woib so wüd

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Dear friends & fans,

Here is the song on the current occasion: (an Austrian dialect song)


The corona protective measures here in Austria bring deep cuts to our everyday lives. For us musicians, the ban on events is practically the same as a professional ban, especially since any teaching activity must not take place.

You can support us in many ways in this challenging time. Best by the

  • Purchase of our CDs as a download (so Rene doesn't have to go to the post office) here at Picton.place,
  • through donations as part of the Facebook living room streaming gigs,
  • call radio stations and wish you a song from us,
  • or here at this point..

We are doing our best to keep you entertained these days and weeks. Only in a slightly different form than usual. Together we will spread the Rock'n'Roll and not the Corona Virus.

Keep on rockin '& stay healthy.

Your Dudes


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