Took a train back home

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Took a train back home

Dear friends & fans!

The corona protective measures necessarily bring deep cuts to our everyday lives. In summary, this means for us: there is nothing.

You can support us in many ways in this challenging time. Best by the

  1. Purchase of our CDs as a download (so Rene doesn't have to go to the post office) here at,
  2. through donations as part of the Facebook living room streaming gigs,
  3. call radio stations and wish you a song from us,
  4. or just by downloading this song. You can choose the price (and thus our support) freely.

We are doing our best to keep you entertained these days and weeks. Only in a slightly different form than usual. Together we will spread the rock'n'roll and not the corona virus.

Keep on rockin '& stay healthy.

Your dudes

As with all fundraisers, now does not charge any sales commission "Give the money to the musicans" during the COVID19 period.

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