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Bitte zuerst den Betrag eingeben und dann in den Warenkorb legen.

The Riding Dudes  delighted their audience in numerous concerts on large and small stages at home and abroad. They even made the leap across the pond and were able to survive in the USA, where they convinced with their Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley interpretations.

Since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, live gigs have been a thing of the past, but not the Ridin Dudes. The sympathetic musicians around Mika Stokinnen stream more colorful than ever into their fans' living rooms every two weeks.

Here is a live stream recording from March 17th. from Sacha's ArtZone.

These streams are free and are concert length. They do not let you miss the usual joy of playing, the musicality and the groove that we are used to from all the live gigs. Rene Grohs skilfully guides you through the program, greets the guests as if you were leaning against the bar with him and listening to the dudes.

And during the break we let the hat go around and everyone gives what he / she likes.

As with all donation campaigns, does not charge any sales commission "Give the money to the musicans" during the COVID19 period.

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