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"The Ridin Dudes" with their lead singer Ron Glaser is THE up-and-coming music formation from Austria. Musicality, wit and unparalleled live performance have made the band soar in recent years with countless appearances on stage, on the radio and on television. An end is not in sight, on the contrary.

The auction will feature a life-long concert pass entitling the auction winner to visit all TRD concerts in the future. The auction ends on May 10, 2019, 12:00. In addition to winning this extraordinary concert pass, the winner may also be pleased that one third of the auction price goes to a charitable cause. This amount (the higher, the better) the Dudes donate to "Mission Hoffnung".

"From the eyes of a little child, everything is a miracle, we always keep that look to make miracles true." said Rene Grohs and supports this relief organization for needy children in Austria just as much as frontman Ron Glaser.The Administration joins this management and waives half of the auction commission in favor of Mission Hoffnung.


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