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About a year ago we were able to report about a new record label around music manager Rene Grohs. Now the 3rd Rock'n'Roll Compilaiton production is already finished. Reason enough to keep track. We remember: Characteristics:Name: Rene Grohs - Age: 43 - born in Lower Austria - Relationship Status: (still) Married to the Dudes "The Ridin Dudes s...
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Ron Glaser - in the footsteps of the King

Interview with Ron Glaser on his first CD with orchestra. Characteristics: name: Ron Glaser - age: 34 - born in: Vienna - relationship status: single If someone has never heard of you ... who are you ? Well, for 29 years I have been a confessed Elvis fan, starting at the age of 5 years. Growing up with the life and work of Elvis Presley, ...
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Best of Austrian Rock'n'Roll

Hi fans of well-groomed Rock'n'Roll and friends of the sound & style of the 50s. Under the motto "Music connects", the idea arose to a copilation CD with original compositions of hip bands of the genre, but also of newcomer bands. "Best of Austrian Rock'n'Roll" should set a clear sign of life for the Austrian rock'n'roll & rockabilly s...
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Ron Glaser - The Wonder Of You

CD Review A few days before the official CD presentation, we received the eagerly anticipated master tracks of the new Ron Glaser CD for auditioning. The anticipation was great and - I'll say it in advance - my high expectations were not only met, they were exceeded many times over.You can hear well-known and lesser-known songs in an orchestral arr...
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