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About a year ago we were able to report about a new record label around music manager Rene Grohs. Now the 3rd Rock'n'Roll Compilaiton production is already finished. Reason enough to keep track. We remember: Characteristics:Name: Rene Grohs - Age: 43 - born in Lower Austria - Relationship Status: (still) Married to the Dudes "The Ridin Dudes s...
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The Ridin Dudes Records Austria®

Interview with Rene Grohs about the foundation of their own record label and the management of the dudes Characteristics: Name: Rene Grohs - Age: 42 - Relationship status: Married to the dudes How did you come up with the idea of your own label? The origins of its own record label go back to autumn 2015. To publish self-written songs, this license ...
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